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The SunRise Solar-Powered Attic Fan pays for itself:

  • Extends the life of your HVAC equipment
  • Helps prevent mold & mildew growth
  • Removes attic heat & moisture
  • Prolongs the life of your roof
  • Reduces air conditioning costs up to 30%
  • Increases the comfort of your home
  • No cost to operate
  • No wiring
  • No noise
  • No fire risk

On Hot Days...
You know the problem - your attic has become a giant radiator, forcing excess heat back into your living space - driving your indoor temperature and cooling cost through the roof.

The SunRise Solar-Powered Attic Fan is a unique solar-powered vent fan that pulls the heat right out of your attic.  This means less drain on your air-conditioning system, and less cost to you.  In fact, up to 30% less money spent on air conditioning costs alone!

Mild Days?
Even when air conditioning isn't needed, the SunRise continues to circulate fresh air creating a more comfortable living environment for your family.

Bill Keith, President of Sunrise Solar, Inc. Manufactures the SunRise Solar Powered Attic Fan.  He launched his business from his 130 year old renovated home office next to his family home in St. John, Indiana.


Models & Prices

Sunrise 850 Model

Effective for attics up to 1200 square feet.
Model # FB850
1200 sq ft - 10 watts
$599 + tax installed

Sunrise 1050 Model

Effective for attics 1200-1600 square feet.
Model # FB1050
1200-1600 sq ft - 15 watts
$699 + tax installed

Sunrise 1250 Model

Effective for attics 1600-2000 square feet.
Model # FB1250
1600-2000 sq ft - 20 watts
$799 + tax installed